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By Stoni

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For music fans, much of the determining factor for why they like a particular song can be attributed to the production or the beat. While great lyrics give a song substance, outstanding production is often the “it factor” that catches a listener’s ears and draws them into the lyrics. For new producers and beat makers, the pressure to sound and do like more established producers seems like an easy and tempting path to success. However, finding your own path may help to solidify you as a true artist and innovator.

We wanted to provide up coming producers and beat makers with some easy steps they can take that will help guide them in the right direction. We enlisted the help of Music Producer, Innovator and DJ Stoni to provide 5 essential tips for up coming producers and beat makers to use on their journey.

1. Research the type of music you would like to produce

Platforms such as Spotify, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, iTunes, and Tidal can be a great resources for listening to all genres of music from up and coming independent artist to the established artist. You want to stay current with what other producers are doing and still keep your own style and identity.

2. Make a choice to use 1 Daw or 1 Groove box that you will master

One thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of producers/beat makers tend to use more than one music production tool at the same time. I would recommend going to a music store (Guitar Center, Sam Ash, etc) and asking the sales reps lots of questions about different music production tools such as Grooves Boxes (Maschine, MPC) or DAW’s (Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton). If they have those units set up in the store, play around with them. Choose the one that speaks to your liking the most organically and then go from there.

3. Invest in your craft

There are many ways to invest in yourself. Owning your own gear is definitely a good way to start having the freedom to create anytime you feel like putting your ideas together. I always recommend investing in production classes online and learning the fundamentals of music theory. This will add greatly to your creative process. If you cannot afford online classes, try to connect with people who have the same interests as you, and those who have a vast knowledge of what you’d like to learn.

4. Create a consistent schedule that will allow you to grow each week

There are a certain amount of hours you need to put into learning all the fundamentals of production. You should create a scheduled time when you’re well rested and focused on processing all of the new information you will learn and have to apply.

5. Trust in the process

The process is not always fun and can sometimes prove to be frustrating. There are also times where the process can be super fun and amazing. I believe with consistency, time and focused work you will become better at your craft.


When you think of hard hitting hip-hop beats and with sophisticated melodies there’s only one name that comes to mind…Stoni. This edgy powerhouse is a Brooklyn, NY native who grew up listening to everything. “Trailblazer” should be her middle name, because Stoni never follows trends, she creates them. She is constantly learning and mastering the intricacies of music production hardware and software, as well as being dead center on the pulse of the music industry. She broke barriers again 3 years ago by becoming the first female producer to be a featured artist and software demonstrator for Native Instruments. Having toured the world with her extremely successful music production workshops, she has shaped the minds of countless up and coming music producers and beatmakers. Her knowledge and mastery of music seems to have no boundaries.

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