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“Music makes me feel. Music reminds me of my childhood. Music reminds me of life.”


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Reach out Stoni with any technical music questions by paying the initial consultation fee. Then Stoni will then contact you to setup a time to talk. The initial consultation is fee is $100.00. If you don’t have a Paypal account you can use your credit or debit card as a Paypal guest.

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The Rise of Stoni

“…she broke out as the first female winner of an international hip-hop beat battle, triumphing over name artists.” – MARKKUS ROVITO

Ableton: One Thing

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Whether she’s in the studio blazing a new track , DJing at the hottest clubs, doing a workshop for up and coming music producers, or staying 10 steps ahead of the competition, Stoni never stops moving. Stay connected to everything Stoni does right here.

"There are beat makers and there are producers...I'm a producer"

- The Ave Magazine

"Cats who thought a woman could never win a beat battle have never met Stoni"

- Scratch Magazine

"The next up and coming voice for music"

- The Plug Magazine

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